Everyone wants to feel safe at home!

ElderlyDoes it feel uncomfortable when the doorbell rings and you don’t know who is at the door?

Would you like your children or a close relative to be able to check up on how things are going at your home?

We can help you to get a safer everyday life and it doesn’t even have to be expensive.

We have complete surveillance systems at affordable prices. The systems are safe and easy to use.

We can agree upon a time for an appointment and during the appointment we will without any cost create a security plan that is most suitable for you.

After this you have possibility on your own time to consider whether or how you wish to proceed.

We guarantee excellent delivery and customer service.

Are you interested in a system with which you can easily check who is knocking at the door or who is moving in your yard, without having to open the door to take a look? For that system no prior technical equipment or knowledge is needed. It is as easy to use as turning on your TV or radio. We deliver and install everything that is needed.

If you wish that a relative also can see that everything is going ok with you, this can also be arranged.

Regardless of the options we take care of the entire installation and make sure that everything is working before you pay. We guarantee personal service even after the installation of the system.

Our motto is a safer everyday life in a simple and affordable way.