Privacy Policy


Customer at Ostrosafe

When you order a product or solution from us, you will be registered as our customer and the following info will be collected from you: Company name or Customer name, Company or Home address, Postal Code, Municipality, e-mail address, as well as telephone number.


Handling of personal information

Ostrosafe’s customer register is confidential; the recorded information is not transferred to any third party. The customer has the right to choose to disallow Ostrosafe to send newsletters via e-mail or sms.



Directory Manager


Ostrosafe Oy Ab
Handelsvägen 25 – 27, 65610 Korsholm
Business ID: 2477313-9


The name of the Customer Register

Ostrosafe Oy Ab’s customer register.


The purpose of the register

Ostrosafe Oy Ab uses the register to maintain customer relationships to Ostrosafe Oy Ab’s customers. The register is not used for Ostrosafe’s direct marketing campaigns unless the customer has given permission.


The Content of the Register

  • Personal information of the customer (company name, first name, last name)
  • The contact information of the customer (work or home address, phone number, fax number, e-mail)
  • Subscription to Ostrosafe newsletter
  • Purchase history
  • Ordered products
  • Order date
  • Payment method, reference number

Transference of information and secrecy protection

Information is not transferred to a third party other than required on authority and legal requirements. The information is stored in Ostrosafe Oy Ab’s private cloud to which only Ostrosafe’s personnel has access. Additional information about our customer register can be obtained from the aforementioned address.